CCLP2 level #94: Checkerboard II

Designed by: Dale Bryan

Time limit: 999

Public time: 776
Watch solution for 776 route on YouTube
Execution difficulty:
Routing difficulty:
Luck difficulty:

Time evolution

62109-Feb-2002Hallgeir Flø
64814-Feb-2002Hallgeir Flø
64919-Feb-2002Hallgeir Flø
67727-Feb-2002Pekka Lassila
68106-Mar-2002Pekka Lassila
68507-Mar-2002Pekka Lassila
70311-Mar-2002David Stolp 
71529-Aug-2002Dale Bryan
71910-Sep-2002Dale Bryan
72617-Sep-2002Warwick Anderson 
Dale Bryan
72918-Sep-2002Warwick Anderson 
Dale Bryan
73623-Sep-2002Warwick Anderson 
Dale Bryan
73912-Mar-2003Tom Rowe
74013-Mar-2003Tom Rowe
74121-Mar-2003Tom Rowe
74222-Mar-2003Warwick Anderson 
74428-Mar-2003Warwick Anderson 
74829-Jun-2003Warwick Anderson 
75030-Jun-2003Warwick Anderson 
Dale Bryan
75623-Apr-2004David Stolp 
76431-Oct-2004David Stolp 
76601-Nov-2004David Stolp 
776Warwick Anderson 
Dale Bryan
78804-May-2008David Stolp 
Lynx CCLXP2 version of this level differs significantly from original MS version, unsolvable in MS rule set
Public time: 676
Execution difficulty:
Routing difficulty:
Luck difficulty:

Time evolution

54813-Aug-2014Miika Toukola 
71105-Oct-2014J.B. Lewis 
72214-Mar-2016Ruben Spaans 
74020-Mar-2016J.B. Lewis 

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