Level Lookup

Select any of the packs below to view a listing of all the levels within the pack, or search for a specific level by level number or title in search area below. Both the level listing and level search will take you to pages displaying a summary of all player scores for that level.

For each level page, player scores are shown on the left side and the evolution of the world record for each level is shown on the right side. Use the rule set toggle buttons on the page to switch between MS/Lynx/Steam for CC1 levels or between Score/Time for CC2 levels.

In the event of ties where multiple players have reported the same score, scores are listed in the order they were scored. One exception to this rule is the CC1 MS levels where most of the relevant data from decades ago was not recorded or not preserved.

The public time metric refers to the quickest route through the level made publicly available on pieguy's public TWS website for CC1 MS/Lynx packs or G Lander's Railroad website for CC1 steam or CC2 packs. Many public routes for the MS ruleset are also published on the ChipWiki YouTube channel.

Ratings from 0-5 stars are also displayed on each page to show the difficulty of executing the public route (execution difficulty), the difficulty of finding the public route (routing difficulty) and the difficulty of executing the public route due to elements of luck (luck difficulty).

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