Pack Highscore Lookup

Select a pack below to view highscores data for that specific pack. The Overall scores by player tab displays every player's overall score for that pack along with the pack's bold score - the score a player would have if they scored bold on every level.

The Highscores by level tab displays the current world record score for every level in the pack as well as information about who set and confirmed each record. You can click on any level title to go directly to the individual page for that level, or any player name to go directly to that player's scorecard.

If a world record score has been achieved by two or more players, it will be displayed in the Confirmed column and the Unconfirmed column will be empty for that level.

If a world record time has been achieved by only a single player, it will be displayed in the Unconfirmed column and the second-place time for that level will be displayed in the Confirmed column. Sometimes, records will be attributed in the manner "Player 1 and Player 2"; this occurs when multiple players have agreed to share credit for a record they worked on together. In such situations, no "Confirmed by" player is listed.