CC2LP1 level #6: How to Item Drop Like a Champ

Designed by: Joshua Bone

Time limit: 600

Bold time: 494
Execution difficulty:
Routing difficulty:
Luck difficulty:

Time evolution

45609-Oct-2020New recordchipster1059 
45509-Oct-2020Partial confirmJeffrey Bardon 
45909-Oct-2020New recordTyler Sontag 
46610-Oct-2020New recordchipster1059 
48310-Oct-2020New recordKacper Leszczyński 
48611-Oct-2020New recordKacper Leszczyński 
49412-Oct-2020New recordJ.B. Lewis 
Bold score: 7940
Execution difficulty:
Routing difficulty:
Luck difficulty:


17940J.B. Lewis 
27860Kacper Leszczyński 
37840Shane Climenhaga 
57590Tyler Sontag 
67550Jeffrey Bardon 
67550Ruben Spaans 
87410Miika Toukola 
107030Josh Lee 
126220Ida R. 

Score evolution

756009-Oct-2020New recordchipster1059 
755009-Oct-2020Partial confirmJeffrey Bardon 
759009-Oct-2020New recordTyler Sontag 
766010-Oct-2020New recordchipster1059 
783010-Oct-2020New recordKacper Leszczyński 
786011-Oct-2020New recordKacper Leszczyński 
794012-Oct-2020New recordJ.B. Lewis 

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